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How can I convince my parents of a love marriage? Photo by midgetmanofsteel 1. At the end of the day your parents want your happiness.

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December 20, at My case has a real striking similarity to his case. Had a divorce earlier now remarrid. After june 11, things have been going downwards. You are of Vrischika Rashi and Dhanu Lagna. You have to wait till 19th June where Jupiter would transit through your 9th house which will be exalted one. This will benefit you to a great extent given your luck and support from all corner Bhatt By any chance do you do reading by demand?

I am interested in your reading after going through your post. Would be pleased to have a reply. Girish October 11, at I have analysed your horoscope and pardon me to be frank, you have vrischika rashi and Tula Lagna. Again in your case, you have Rahu in Lagna, clearly indicating that you would be struck with pride and superior complex. Though, currently you are under Venus MD with Jupiter antra till Feb 2nd , you still have to mellow down as sade sathi, the lord of limitation would not tolerate anything of this.

So my advice is mellow down first with humble footing and then approach any thing in life.

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You people are going go through the challenges in common things. Job holders also have to face problems; they will have to do hard-work for meet the deadline of their projects. If you have good co-workers, you can get some relief in completing your projects on time. With their co-operation, it will be very difficult you to do work on time. It would be very beneficial that you make good relationship with your colleagues which can be very helpful for removing the stress of your workload.

Read Karka Rashi Career Predictions in detail.. Students preparing for basic studies or higher studies will make good progress. What you need to do is use your time properly. In this year, you will have support from planets so you are not going to go through any serious issues. Planet Jupiter which takes care of wisdom and education will be in fifth house which points toward the satisfactory progress. The biggest problem or hurdle for the students is distraction.

It causes the students to waste their time in useless thing.

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I am glad I spoke to her. I will certainly consult him in future as well. I was really impressed by her reading of the cards. You can now talk to top astrologers in India on our platform from anywhere in the world.

If you’ve been following Love in India’s romantic messages for a while, you’d know that we’ve already talked about inter-caste marriages and inter-religion r of the most common questions I get asked by readers is “I have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Its leaves were used for Sun worship in Vedic times. The leaves and flowers of this plant are considered to be very sacred in the Hindu mythology. Leaves of madar along with the flowers and fruits of Dhatura plant are used in the worship of Lord Shiva. The garlands of flowers of Swetark are used in the worship of Lord Hanuman. Where is Swetark obtained from? After twenty one years the shape of Lord Ganesha is immerged at the root of the Shwetark tree.

The Aak that produces white and fragrant flowers is called as Swetark. This is a rare shrub. Flowers of Swetark are considered to be the favorite of Lord Shiva. The root of this shrub is worshipped on some auspicious day and then dug out as per vedic rituals. As per the mantras and guidelines in Ganesha puraana, then its carved into the form of Ganapati or Ganesh in ravi pushya yoga. Silver or Gold Cutters are used to give these roots the shape of Lord Ganesha.

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Nadi Each of the above has its own significance and have their own number of points. These all add up to 36 and a score below 18 is not considered a good match according to traditional astrology. We are providing you a free utility to match the astrological charts of boy and a girl for the purpose of marriage through traditional method of Kundli Milan Gun Milan. Kundali Milan Horoscope Matching is a unique and ancient 8-fold Vedic test of horoscope matching between a man and woman’s charts for marriage.

The Natal Charts of the man and the woman are drawn and comparatively tested for compatibility in eight different ways.

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The figure on the side illustrates this point. If a person has Kalsarpa yoga in his kundali, Rahu and Ketu are said to limit the potential of the chart and not allow other important yogas to take effect. In practice, it is observed that this role of Rahu and Ketu diminishes over time and good things are just delayed for such people. Again, noted Astrologer Dr. Raman is of the opinion that if the ascendant is on the other axis while all the planets are hemmed on one side of the axis, then the evil arising out of Kala Sarpa Yoga almost gets neutralised.

This blog is just a commentary on what I have learnt about Kalsarpa yoga over the years. My advice to the readers is not to take this yoga too seriously and go on with the life. Research shows that this yoga was not a part of classical texts written by great sages like Parashara, Bhrigu etc. I am sure readers are going to come back to me and ask me about Kal Amrita Yoga as well, but I do not think that Kal Amrita Yoga is a seperate yoga and would not like to comment on it.

The person is prone to be target of conspiracies hatched by people supposedly close to him. The person is likely to lose out in matters of courts. Married life would be marred by differences between husband and wife. Kulika Kalsarpa Yoga — Rahu in second house, Ketu in eighth:

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Can you plz tell me that real agoris details, I really want help from him,Please,Please,Please, sir. Look, I have faced the cyclone of this phase during , when my life direction was changed opposite and put me into the hell up to Started fighting for self will and dreams. Finally by 25 years struggling I have found a place with the level of my old friends.

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