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We want Guild Wars 2 to be good, and we want our players to enjoy it. Even if true perfection is an unreachable idea, we still want to strive for it, dammit! Due to that desire to make the best game possible, we iterate. We take an idea, we build it, we test it, we make changes, we test it again, we add to it, we test some more, we take something away, we test again…. Do we get everything perfect? Free Automated Tournaments Free automated tournaments are what you can play right now.

GW2 S/D Thief Daredevil PvP Battle of Kyhlo Stream Highlight #1

Crucible of Eternity The Ruined City of Arah Collections for the unique weapons for each specialization now require bronze in the requisite adventure instead of silver. A new repeatable dungeon achievement has been added. See the Dungeons section below. Added a new repeatable achievement for completing 8 unique dungeon paths. Completing this achievement will award players with 5 gold and tokens from the dungeon of their choice.

Microtransaction-driven paid tournaments and custom arenas will be bolstering Guild Wars 2’s PvP offering in the near future according to developer Arenanet. Entry to the paid tournaments will require players to buy a ticket from the in-game gem store for real-world money.

I discuss the importance of flexing to prevent a flank from collapsing and the arguments against capping too early instead of pressing an advantage. Holding the high ground provides the following benefits: T Unicum Guide, Contributing as Bottom Tier I discuss how to meaningfully contribute as a bottom-tier medium tank, with footage from a tier 10 Serene Coast battle in my T That said, even with a low penetration gun, by carefully watching the minimap and being opportunistic, I was able to make a solid contribution.

Additional Comments props to the STB-1 driver ahmechanic2 who played very well throughout the battle at 4: I have a tendency to be chatty during matches, and sometimes it screws me up. The mistake is that when I started pulling back, I stayed too close to the rocks on my left — as a result I a created a bigger gun depression challenge in terms of getting my gun down on the target. You can see that I start wiggling just to the right of the rock a bit, but realized I was taking too much time and lost the opportunity.

I discuss and make two common mistakes: I also demonstrate how to leverage the terrain on hill to safely fire on target s while minimizing exposure to snipers in their base. The T thrives in flatland and does better aiming up at targets. You want to avoid situations where you have to crest a hill to fire on a target that is already pre-aiming at you. Today, I discuss the responsibility of playing a beefy top-tier heavy, in terms of acting as a meat shield and playing aggressively, especially when your team is behind.

GW2 Wardrobe Armor Guide

Posted on September 24, by SynCaine Keen has a report card out for GW2 , and while I think the grades are a bit high, I agree overall with his assessment. If you are keeping score at home, you will notice a trend here in the last few years. That should tell you all you need to know about the MMO in question. Most things work, it looks good, and occasionally it will do something unexpected or above-average to surprise you.

The problems hit at level 80, which unfortunately comes almost instantly so long as you login a few times. Once you hit 80 and hit the AH once, you are done progressing.

The new matchmaking is based on the Glicko2 system, which uses the rating, rank, party size, profession, ladder position, and dishonor. If you want to dive into the exact science behind the matchmaking system, there’s a full explanation on the Guild Wars 2 wiki.

Nice passive aggressive OP. Trying to discuss in-game stuff and getting bogged down by multi-page derails about the things he mentioned are not a better alternative. Making digs at the two most active posters from the previous thread because they said things he didn’t like about the game are a better solution? It talks about the game, but it also talks about what other games do and tangentially talks about business models. Is it OK, or is it verboten? Or, and this is just a thought, we could accept that people are going to talk about the game, and sometimes they will say things we don’t like about the game, but that’s the cost of doing business on a public forum and we could not be petty dicks when we make new threads.

Just throwing that out there. SS, please stop trying to aggitate the thread. I’m making digs because your conversations always took the thread to a completely arbitrary tangent that caused a lot of the thread posters to get annoyed and upset. This thread is about discussing the game itself, not the business side. Now is asking a question about authenticators a bad thing? Nope, not at all.

But since they haven’t mentioned one way or another, all we have is speculation, and we don’t need this to turn into a 3 page discussion about security in video games.

Rewards Done Right: Dry Top and Silverwastes

There have been some major changes since the previous season, like the complete overhaul of the ranking system. Stronghold was also removed, which saddened me greatly, but I understand why they did it. If you missed out on your chance to get the materials needed for The Ascension, there is still time to complete the achievements and trade in your PvP League tickets. This is season five, and a year after the initial season, so the new one should have been out… maybe next season?

Queue Times Reduced They removed the pip-based system as a base for matchmaking. This was mostly done to widen the pool for matchmaking and reducing queue times.

Jan 19,  · Wuving What’s Coming in GW2 Lots and Lots and Lots of information spammed by Anet this week and heaps of it relates to pvp. Talking about the guesting which is imminent, new additions to WvW coming soon including the fancy progression system, and all .

Where will the small changes we saw in January lead to in February? The steam from the mountain in Wayfarer was pretty ominous. World-narrative wise, February continues to build the fundamentals of this story to provide more hints and growth to this storyline as it builds into the core components and takes off in March and April.

Now they just need to figure out who is right! This concept of a living narrative, a truly unique storyline that drives the story of Guild Wars 2 and helps change the world on a week-by-week basis while introducing new content, is a big part of where GW2 is going in This really takes the concept of a living world to the next level, where there is a unique storyline playing out in the world that drives the story and narrative of Tyria.

February’s Flame and Frost Update Detailed

Talking about the guesting which is imminent, new additions to WvW coming soon including the fancy progression system, and all the promised features for SPvP…woooo. Guest Pass Guesting is coming , and then there was dancing in the streets, let all rejoice and bask in this wonderful moment. After not acknowledging that server transfers was an actual issue they finally came through. The main reason for guesting and paid transfers being a focus of post development is indeed WvW even if only to finally remove the bandaid that was the 7 day limits that has been annoying those with friends on other servers immensely.

Mar 30,  · Structured PvP (sPvP) at the launch of GW2 was fun, but it had some issues that were mostly solved. The game did not have a spectator mode or a compelling reward structure. The game did not have a spectator mode or a compelling reward structure.

Featuring dynamic questing, an almost flat leveling curve, and action-packed PvP modes, Guild Wars 2 has quickly become one of the hottest MMOs available. Guild Wars 2 is a living game. Heart of Thorns is the first expansion pack for Guild Wars 2, and it was followed on with Path of Fire, the second major expansion. The highly anticipated expansions feature new regions and maps, new events and storylines, challenging group content, new boss battles and a lot more.

Your Own Style — Choose from eight distinct professions, each with its own unique powers and devastating attacks. Customize your character, set up your skills and gear, and get out and explore. Your choices determine how your personal story evolves; with thousands of possible variations, no two players will have the exact same experience. Fractals, instanced shorter dungeons, provide fun PvE content that is more casual. Player matches, small teams of players battle over maps packed with objectives, while in World vs.

World, armies of hundreds of players from competing servers wage war across four sprawling maps. Exciting Combat — Experience a new kind of high-impact, fast-paced combat. Attack on the move, dodge and roll away from enemy blows, team up with other players, and take advantage of environmental weapons to dominate the battlefield!

The Gathering Storm Comprehensive Preview

Especially with the large number of people needed to make the overall meta-event function. They were new and steadily revealed by each episode released in Dry Top, in Silverwastes. This constant pace prevents someone from getting bored from lack of things to do.

Now that GW2 has a new rating and matchmaking system there is no longer this need to match the top players. The matchmaking systems will match players of similar skills across the board.

I honestly think GW2 is your best bet right now, but at least personally, I find it very dumb. I never tried the battlegrounds, which apparently are quite fun, but World vs World is fucking ridiculous, you just strafe around massive zergfests spamming your skills. Theres alot more then that behind WvW. Organised guilds can easily roll unorganised zergs outnumbered 2 to 1. Sure it looks a huge shitfest, but theres alot more going on if your organised.

Thats just one tactic from an open field fight, Inside keeps and whatnot are completely different beasts. Dont even get into actually sieging a keep, theres all manner of different approaches rams? When your organised WvW gains alot more meaning, even when its zerg vs zerg, which it isnt always. Ive even taken keeps with a group of 5, ninja style. As for just spamming skills, then your definitely not being as effective as you can be.

Positioning, buffs and timing all come into play. Lets take my main, a guardian.

Guild Wars 2

Mar 23, piXel said: It just feels to simple and the combat isn’t as enjoyable as WoW for me. I loved playing my mage Just a case of spamming 5 abilities endlessly is what it feels like Click to expand If that’s all you’re doing you’re going to get your ass kicked.

Descripción de Shadow of The Dragon Episode 33 – Episode 33 – WvW Intermediate Tactics Shadow of The Dragon Episode 33 Summary This week on Shadow of the Dragon, it’s WvW ! Gord and Gallios share their intermediate tactics they use in WvW for 15 to 20 player groups.

First of all, sustainability. However we do love to sprinkle little bits of stuff in there between releases. The Story Journal was created as a way to provide story content to players in a way that they could control the pace at which they choose to play. New Eite specializations are part of expansion packs. Hot Maps Current Hot Maps seems to push players to just do group event content rather than free-form exploration. That is not our intention.


The first obvious answer is that your allies in PvE suddenly become enemies in PvP. With that in mind, a whole range of skills you may have never used before suddenly become useful. Your dodge, too, becomes a vital part of keeping you alive and when to use it becomes a bigger decision. They try to look for you in stealth and attempt to avoid your attacks which makes landing that backstab much more satisfying. So with all the above, I would advise that you give PvP a go and experiment with professions and builds until you find one that sticks.

Clicking the crossed swords at the top of your screen will bring up the PvP menu.

Guild Wars 2 Although the Guild Wars 2 community has something going on pretty much every week, April proved to be a particularly popular month for sPvP, the game’s way of throwing players against each other in a ‘structured’ manner.

This is another thing I was mulling over the weekend , and especially Sunday night when my SBI guild heads to the field for an hour or so. Then it was like the bell rung for Cinderella, and poof everybody just disappeared back to PvE pumpkins. Ravious and I were standing there quite puzzled wondering what to do now that SBI did not have a commander on the field. I came to the realization that apparently TLC did as well.

The map itself will only be shiny until the sheen is overcome by the standing issue grime. I am hoping that ArenaNet is planning on moving WvW forward with a comprehensive change. TLC has a very comprehensive post on things that should be rewarding , beyond mere pride. For the most part, I agree. I feel that reward tracks would be a great idea to consider for WvW. Then instead of having a granular payment for certain activities, players could get some reward tracks points, which would eventually add up.

PvP players get PvE rewards without ever stepping in those zones. I feel WvW should not be any different. I personally would love to get an Arah Dungeon reward track based on WvW activities. WvW players should be extra-rewarded for sticking around a map and being constantly active.

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