Permanent Hug From You Pairing: Phil Lester x Reader Fandom: This fanfiction was based on the song by Dodie Clark A. If you don’t know who she is, she is on youtube under the username Doddleoddle. I love her songs so I will probably base a few more fanfictions on them! Go check her out, she is amazing!

Dan Howell

I adore you in that color. You watched Peej through the glass as he nearly dropped the cone laughing off the mistake and making his way outside to you. Of course all he could talk about was the near ice cream loss making it plenty more interesting through his storytelling point of view. You both took turns licking the chilled treat as you sat on the bench outside the shop watching everyone that passed. Pj turned to look at you kissing your cheek slowly.

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From the shy and socially awkward to the spectacularly extrovert, the YouTube community has long been a safe place for all kinds of people to express themselves. But a wave of sexual and emotional abuse allegations against prominent YouTubers has rocked the community, throwing into question whether or not YouTube is as safe as we once thought it was.

But the core issues — celebrity culture and hero worship, the nature or relationships between fans and creators, education about consent, parenting and emotional development, and patriarchal society — are bigger than just YouTube. Tumblr posts detailing the allegations received thousands of notes and forced a statement from the perpetrator, in which he admitted cheating on Fawn and making unwanted advances on the accuser. The only way I was going to do that was going on all social media sites and spending a day telling everyone.

That was the only way I could protect the masses. I was the girlfriend of the abuser. It took a lot to convince her to even make a statement about it online. It took a lot for both of us. But they should remember that their audiences are mostly girls, and should be an advert for the things these girls should believe in. Many of the men who have been accused of sexual abuse, she points out, self-identified as feminists. You go along with what everyone else is saying.

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Mysterious PJ, under-age drinking, mention of drug use Disclaimer: There’s something in my gut that tells me tonight will be a fabulous night indeed. No, being greeted at the door by an under-dressed 14 year old girl asking me to hold her hair back while she vomited may not have been the greatest welcome; a party is an onion, and the deeper you delve the juicier it gets.

Not that I would recommend eating a raw onion. That was a horrific metaphor. With vomit sprinkled up my jeans, I fight my way through grinding bodies and giggling drunks.

PJ is YouTube entertainment artist and musician whose profile, KickthePj, presented humor videos and animations. The guy also has a second channel named PJTheKick, he is also the creator and writer of the Vimeo series Oscar’s Hotel.

I hear a voice. The echo continued for several seconds. Then before I could speak,a bright white flash shun directly in my eyes. It appeared to be a lamp. Thats mostly the only thing I could recognize. Suddenly a small figure bowed over me looking at a the monitor next to me. When my eyes began to focus i could see a monitor with a black screen.

On the screen was a green stripe that frequently when up and down,like it was making a landscape of the himalayas’. What was going on? Who was that voice? The figure mumbled something that became a bit more clear as she spoke. After a few seconds I could hear what she said. I closed my eyes and did what I was told.

Dan Howell

Edit At age 19, Lester posted his first YouTube vlog. Since then he has posted over videos on his channel and now has more than 1. Lester’s videos regularly feature a cuddle lion toy called Lion, usually in the background, which speaks to the audience through annotations. Lester’s fanbase refer to themselves as Philions.

Segments include “In the News This Week” and “Viewers Spooky Happenings” where viewers send in “scary” items for the vloggers to react to. The segment also has a mascot “Spooky” the light-up ghost, featured in several episodes.

The ghost Tedie resigns, she flew vigilantly. are dating websites the way to go Billy, playful are kickthepj and crabstickz dating and committed, avoided his gradual disappearance or his butts in proximal form.

Is the item certified decrease? There are many copycat companies now that are creating products that are low in quality and never use one of the most beneficial associated with extracting the juice for the berries. Most that are concered about their bodies know in connection with health benefits of acai berry products. And may used for hundreds of years in South usa by ancient medicine many men. The people in the Improve just started using Acai in will establish couple of years, because of several endorsements from celebrities.

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Spy Guys (feat. Crabstickz)

Said to be one of the most haunted roads in the world, Shades of Death Road is a rural road of about seven miles in Warren County, New Jersey. On the southern half of the road is a forest on the outskirts; this forest provided shade for the bandits that would lay in wait for their victims in this shade, slashing their throats and robbing them as they approached. The town would get revenge on these bandits by lynching them and leaving their bodies swinging from the trees on the road as a warning sign to other criminals.

Shades of Death Road is reported to be extremely haunted and has a number of paranormal landmarks.

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After long periods apart, Dean will rush into his arms when they get off the train and Jack will spin him round. The cuddling on the sofa is pretty nice too, soft and warm and safe. Jack will flop onto the soft sofa and Dean will lean into him. Sometimes Dean will fall asleep on his shoulder, sometimes they hold hands for no other reason then it feels nice, and Jack will always remember the time when Dean pinned him on the couch, but was too tired to do anything else but fall asleep on top of Jack.

The hand holding doesn’t end when they leave the sofa though. This isn’t the only time Dean doesn’t offer an explanation. No matter what way Dean is sleeping though, he always manages to be touching his best friend. Jack guesses that with such a short time together, it really isn’t worth being apart. Dean sleeping on him doesn’t end in the daytime either. His eyes sparkle and Jack always gets a stupid urge to kiss him. The only moment Jack doesn’t like is when Dean has to leave.

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McDonnell’s channel is just about to hit the K level in subs. He also recently dyed his hair red just before attending VidCon in Los Angeles. He has a 2nd channel about his band Sons Of Admirals with fellow youtubers at 2. She just hit K subs on her main channel and has a further K on her 2nd channel called bubbiosity where she does random skits and vlogs. TopGear – TopGear is all about cars, motorcycles and the like.

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There’s no such thing. You have no faith. Dean asks Castiel what he is, Castiel answers that he is an angel of the Lord. Dean initially refuses to believe this, though he eventually comes around. Castiel is next seen when he comes to Dean after the rising of the witnesses. Dean asks why the angels didn’t come to help, and Castiel responds by saying angels have better things to do than “perch on your shoulder”.

When Dean continues to be rude, Castiel loses his temper, and tells Dean that, he should show him some respect because as Castiel was the one who took Dean out of Hell, Castiel can just easily change his mind and throw him back in. Castiel comes to Dean later on and says, “You have to stop it. When he fails, and in fact indirectly assists in the future being set, Castiel takes him back to the future, and uses the experience as an example of destiny.

Castiel tells Dean his true orders In It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester , Castiel comes to Dean again with Uriel , telling Dean they plan to destroy the town to protect the seal , and that he and Sam should vacate. Dean is outraged that they are even considering the plan, and tells them he’s not going anywhere, and that he’ll stop the seal from breaking himself. Castiel later reveals to Dean that their true orders were to follow Dean’s commands, much to Dean’s surprise. In the same conversation, Castiel admits to Dean that he has doubts about the orders of Heaven , and tells the older Winchester that he doesn’t envy Dean’s fate.

I’m not what you think.

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