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Yakuza 4 (PS3)

It’s been three years since she left to study art in America and Asuka is going back to Japan. She know’s the team has changed and so has she. With her limited time, Asuka must tie up loose strings and most importantly maintain the mask of a smile. Set after the extra game. She had always loved basketball and the people she played with.

Aug 13,  · I finished Yakuza 1 and 2 but I skipped on the PS3 and got a PS4 instead. On the store I can get Yakuza 4 and 5 but not 3 so I will definitely skip 3 and just watch the movie version on youtube. I really want to play Zero though since it’s the newest one.

Yakuza 4 is the pinnacle of what games are supposed to be! It might be a Good franchise, BUT in no way is this the best franchise in video game history and PlayStation Forever nor is it the pinnacle of what games are supposed to be. I’m sorry but there are franchises out there that are better than the Yakuza games. I can understand them being good games I’ve never played any of them, but from what I hear they are pretty good, but I just don’t see how this franchise would be able to hold such a title.

Not trying to knock you for having an opinion but seriously though I’m just sayin. That’s y u don’t agree. Play the game first u son of a.. Don’t just watch videos and judge games. Games r meant for playing not watching,Remember that. Though I do think there are better franchises on the market IMO, this one doesn’t take a backseat to any of them. The only franchise I can think of that I enjoy more would be the Persona franchise, they along with the Yakuza series have disappointed me the least overall.

What Yakuza offers is what many gamers have been seeking this generation diversity. The sheer amount of things one can do in these games is awesome, and they challenge you as well.

FAQ And Walkthrough (Japanese Version) – Guide for Yakuza 4

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Apr 01,  · Yakuza 4 scored an on Gamespot,and Yakuza 0 scored an on Dono is also a fan of the Yakuza series. NIER Automata is a Japanese RPG with a very fluid combat system that is getting great reviews from critics(got a score of from gamespot),and it has realistic style you like Kingdoms of Amalur and the Fable.

Mar 21, Its streets are a home to criminals of all stripes, from lowly punks to powerful gangsters. Behind its doors, you can find shops and arcades, massage parlors and illegal casinos, bath houses and hostess clubs. Yakuza 4 largely follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, weaving a soap opera tale of honor and betrayal with simple but satisfying brawling action. But it departs from the earlier games in the series in a meaningful way. Whereas Kazuma Kiryu carried the earlier games entirely on his own gloriously tattooed back, Yakuza 4 features four terrific playable characters whose distinct personalities and interwoven tales make for the series’ most engaging entry yet.

Yakuza 4 continues the epic crime saga told in its predecessors, and should you want to bring yourself up to speed on the events of the earlier games, lengthy recaps that employ cutscenes from those titles are included here.

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March 15th, For: The first two games were not very well made, but told an excellent story of an ex-Yakuza named Kazuma Kiryu and his struggles with his past in the Tojo Clan, a family that held a major amount of the fictional town Kamurocho. The third game, the first on the PS3, took enormous technical strides in terms of gameplay and graphics. It also stepped up the storyline, bringing back a something Kiryu stopping a major shift in the family.

Now one year after the events of Yakuza 3, Kazuma is back

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Densetsu wo Tsugumono” Yakuza 4: Heir to the Legend , is an upcoming video game developed and published by Sega exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game was announced on July 24, A promotion video was presented at the Tokyo Game Show and a preview presenting the main story was released on January 13, The game is the sequel to Yakuza 3 and planned for a March 18, Japanese release.

Synopsis As with the original game, most of the action takes place in Kamurocho a. Kamuro City , a fictionalized yet realistic recreation of Tokyo Shinjuku’s red-light district Kabukicho. From left to right: There are three new main protagonists alongside Kazuma Kiryu who is the main character since the original Yakuza game.

Yakuza 4 – General Discussion – Out Now!

Majima’s transformation into the Mad Dog has left some fans scratching their heads who he truly is, and how he became an Ax-Crazy Heel by the time Yakuza 1 came around. One interpretation is that while he always had traces of it, Majima wasn’t completely crazy to begin with. But considering everything he was put through as Shimano’s Unwitting Pawn the entire time, which probably also broke him, not wanting to be restrained under anyone’s leash any longer, he decided to live life on his own merits and become crazier than the rest of them, having been inspired by both his enemies and allies alike.

I’ve seen a few guys who lived like idiots and they died like idiots. But that batshit crazy lifestyle I’d say it made ’em some of the finest bastards I’ve ever known.

Oct 09,  · Kampretlah, main Yakuza ga pernah nyampe begini. Lanjut Kiwami. Semoga cepet dateng pesenan ane. Ga sabar pengen nostalgia. cabaret club nya menggoda hostess favorit sih tetap sih yuki di yakuza zero yakiza kiwami 2 belom ada info yah yg english nyaa. .

For those unaware, the Yakuza are an organized crime syndicate much like the Italian Mafia. The main difference is that they are in the public eye. They even go as far as making their presence known within major legitimate businesses and corporations. As the demo progressed, Akiyama got a phone call while taking a breather at his office in Sky Finance. It was from a woman named Hana who apparently caught him taking a break he shouldn’t have been taking. She informed him, rather intently, that it was collections day and it was time for him to get back to his duties.

The cutscenes in Yakuza 4, along with the rest of the series, are quite lengthy. The demo we saw was roughly forty-five minutes in length, and was almost entirely cinematics. Granted, there were opportunities to explore and do various side missions, but the presenter only spearheaded through the story mission. Exploration is still a huge part of the game, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of that.

The number of cutscenes may be a turn off for people who are more interested in the gameplay, but the plot is extremely engaging. I won’t give away any plot spoilers, but even with the short time we spent with the game, I was already hooked by the character depth alone. While Akiyama was on a stroll through the rain on route to his next collection, he happened upon a familiar member of the Tojo Clan who was in a bit of a hurry.

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New Original Brand New Sony PS3 Yakuza 4 Blu-Ray Yakuza 4 picks up the story of Yakuza 3 one year later and takes the player back to Tokyo Product Features Get lost in the infamous “sin-city district” of Tokyo, as you walk and fight in back alleys, main streets, city rooftops and underground areas Discover and experience Tokyo’s adult nightlife including hostess bars, karaoke pickup bars, massage parlors, and pachinko palaces Additional activities include: The fourth localized US release in the gritty Japanese Yakuza series, the game challenges players to rise or fall in a fictional representation of the Japanese criminal underworld.

The game features mission based gameplay, street fighting combat, light RPG attributes and mini-games. Can You Survive the Japanese Underworld? Follow-up game to the widely praised PlayStation 3 exclusive Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4 recreates a realistic underground world of Tokyo and tasks the player to rise or fall in an intensely deep crime-action game where four men cross paths over a woman and dead man.

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For cost-cutting reasons and localization concerns, Sega removed several parts of the Japanese release from the US port, including hostess bars, Mahjong parlors, missions tied into these locations, and other things, which ended up annoying the fanbase of the franchise more than anything else. Now, that in and of itself would probably be a pretty solid selling point, but Yakuza 4 also features four playable characters, not just series mainstay Kazuma Kiryu.

Yakuza 4 once again tells the story of a vast yakuza conspiracy, but this time it centers around four different main players in the story: Akiyama Shun, a loan shark with a heart of gold and fists of fury; Taiga Saejima, an imprisoned Yakuza known for having pulled off one of the most amazing hits in the history of the Yakuza family known as the Tojo clan; Masayoshi Tanimura, a morally ambiguous cop known for taking bribes and spending his off time gambling; and aforementioned series mainstay Kazuma, the former chairman of the Tojo Clan who has a gruff exterior and a heart of gold.

The new protagonists are all likable enough, surprisingly, and while they all come across as a bit more honorable than your average member of the criminal element would be expected to be, the game at least makes the effort to showcase exactly why they are and to make them convincing, likable characters. The game world still looks fantastic, and the characters are as well designed and animated as ever. The new characters easily look as good as Kazuma, and animate as well as he does as well, to a point where players will enjoy playing as all four characters on aesthetic values alone.

The battle animations are fantastic, and combat is especially satisfying because of the way enemies buckle and react to a good old-fashioned ass-kicking. The walking and running animations are better this time around, though occasionally it still looks a little odd here and there. The game is also insanely stylish. The audio is also as excellent, as usual. The voice acting has the right tone and the appropriate feel that it needs to keep the story interesting, and the voice actors sound right for the roles they play throughout the game, as many of them are also returning actors and actresses from the prior game.

The splitting of said heads also sounds as satisfying as ever, and the various combat noises overall are very powerful. Insofar as the gameplay goes, fans of Yakuza 3 will know how most of this plays out, so you can skip the next five yes, five paragraphs and pick up with me then.

Yakuza 4: Dating Tips with Steve

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The storytelling in Yakuza 4 takes a completely different approach than the last few games. Other than the return of hostess mini games and rooftop battles, we all know there are some aspects of the Yakuza 5 that wouldn’t go over well here at the moment–specifically the hostess dating.

Speed Dating Cougar Nyc – 4econtrols. Yakuza 5 dating, Oct 16, Its been a while yakuza 5 dating weve talked about Yakuza 5, so we wanted to post a quick update on it. Rouge of Love Kaguya. Also, Date has a daughter called Saya. He was married once, but because of his job his wife left him. A few weird development bugs that popped yakuza 5 dating.

Yakuza 4 Hostess Model Rio Plays Binary Domain

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Sega Formally Announces Yakuza 4 The full name and first character and voice actor information. Sega announced a final name for the game today and also shared first character and voice actor information. The new title will be known as Ryu ga Gotoku 4: Densetsu wo Tsugu Mono. Typical of the series, Sega will be making use of an all-star cast. Actors Hiroki Narimiya and Kenta Kiritani will feature in the game. Narimiya will play the role of Masayoshi Tanimura, a detective in Kamiyacho, the main setting of the series.

Kiritani will play the role of Takeshi Kido, a member of the Toujoukai mob, which has also appeared in past Gotoku games. The presence of Kamiyacho and Toujoukai appears to confirm that the new Gotoku game will take place in modern times. Series general producer Toshihiro Nagoshi hinted at this in interviews during the game’s initial announcement a few months back. Narimiya and Kiritani will lend more than just their voices to the game.

Sega says that it’s making use of the latest in technology to make their likenesses appear in the game. This appears to suggest that the in-game characters will resemble their voice actor counterparts. Kiritani is shown here during the recording process.

Yakuza 4 – Raindrops by Noa Mizutani (HD)